August 10th, 2013


(no subject)

I've been meaning to tidy up the photos in my LJ ScrapBook for quite a while (probably five years or more). In the meantime, LJ made some changes to ScrapBook. Among other things, they removed tags and the ability to have a photo in more than one album. In their reorganization, my photos got scrambled a bit (probably because they used to be linked to multiple albums) and some thumbnails disappeared. I have 878 photos, so trying to clean all this up through the Scrapbook menus would be quite a chore. There doesn't seem to be a decent external client (and I don't have time to write one).

The good news is that all the photo links in my journal still work, as far as I can tell. So ScrapBook is still useful as a photo host for LJ. But it would be nice to have everything organized into albums. Other things I don't like about ScrapBook: thumbnails are randomly cropped to 100x100 pixels from the original image, and there is no way to change the display order of albums or thumbnails.