May 15th, 2010


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Spring has finally arrived in Calgary. It has been almost a week since it last snowed! I spent much of the day at Weaselhead Flats. We hiked through the south end, where we hadn't been before and which is not very flat. Quite hilly, in fact. We found some geocaches, took some photos and left some sunflower seed for the chickadees.

I checked on the geocache I had placed here last fall. It was in good condition, except that some of the camouflage tape had been chewed off. Ants? Mice? A particularly rabid geocacher? I suppose I'll never know.

We had to climb this hill to get back to the main trail after wandering off in search of a geocache. There was a creek at the bottom of the hill. Not too hard to cross, as it was only about a foot wide.

Some trees are starting to turn green.

Another long, steep hill we climbed. Lorna nearly stepped on a grass snake near here. That gave her a start. She's used to Australian snakes, which are usually venomous.

I don't know what type of tree this is. The buds are maybe 3/4ths of an inch high.
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