March 12th, 2010


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I was up on Nose Hill this afternoon and spotted a group of seven white-tailed deer. By the time I had the camera out of my bag, out of its case and fired up, they had taken off and I got this not-very-good shot of them running along the crest of the hill. All seven are visible, though hard to make out on this resized picture.

The reason for my visit was to check on one of my geocaches, which had been reported as possibly missing. I verified that it was indeed missing and have archived the cache. I put that cache out in October 2008 and it was found 78 times (79 if you count the s.o.b. who ran off with it), so it served its purpose and I didn't feel a need to replace it.

The other night I tried a Sap Vampire Maple Lager, brewed in Edmonton. Very smooth, with a definite maple flavour. I had it with an elk steak, something I'd never had before. It's a delicious red meat, fine-grained and not gamey.

I'm currently reading The Tidewater Tales by John Barth. A couple in their late 30s, awaiting the birth of their first children (twins), sail in Chesapeake Bay telling each other stories. Along the way, they encounter characters who may or many not be Odysseus and Don Quixote. There's much more, of course; it's a big book and I'm only half-way through.
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