January 24th, 2010

morning coffee

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I've been reading Arabia Deserta for a while, bit by bit between other books. I'm currently reading The Moviegoer by Walker Percy. And what is the book that the protagonist is reading, the only book he owns? Arabia Deserta.

I see we're once again allowed to take one carry-on bag on flights to the USA. I'll take the same bag I've had for about 40 years. My parents gave it to me. Partly for sentimental reasons, and partly because it simply will not wear out, I've continued to use it. You'd think a zipper might have gone by now, but no. I've had three or four suitcases wrecked by baggage handlers in that time, but this blasted Samsonite bag still looks as good as the day I got it.

I was watching a show on Bravo that had interviews with Gordon Lightfoot, Stompin' Tom and Ian Tyson. Man, those guys have aged. I suppose they must all be in their 70s now. Ian Tyson I didn't recognize at all. Lightfoot looked like a much older, more haggard version of himself. Stompin' Tom is basically unchanged, maybe a few more wrinkles. They all continue to work and perform, though.