February 14th, 2009

morning coffee

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At work, our big project is moving along well. However, our client is reviewing all of their projects due to the drop in oil and gas prices. They seem to think this one will make the cut. If so, I think we can make get it done on time and have it be a success. I wasn't so sure prior to my vacation.

I wanted to watch the premiere of Dollhouse last night, but after 5 minutes I switched to Mantracker. I switched back and forth a few times, but Dollhouse just seemed ridiculous and uninspired. Perhaps I was in a hypercritical mood. Mantracker (shown only in Canada?) is always entertaining, especially when the prey evades capture and makes it to the finish line.

Tonight we're having pheasant for dinner, provided by a hunter friend. That's a first for me. I hope it's buckshot-free!
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