July 13th, 2008


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I can't remember the last time I saw a movie in a theatre. I'm sure it has been at least a year or two. There are a couple of independent theatres within blocks of where I live, and I have noticed their movie posters recently while walking past. Today I decided to see one of the more interesting offerings.

Mongol is an epic detailing the early years of Genghis Khan (then known as Temudjin). It was made by a Russian director, and the dialogue is in Mongolian with English subtitles. It has stunning camera work, a good soundtrack, a moving love story and, most of all, the story of Temudjin's rise to power through strategy, alliances, battle and sheer will. I've no idea if it is historically accurate, but Mongol is definitely entertaining. It is the the first movie in a projected trilogy covering the life of Ghenghis Khan. I'm keen to see the next one.


The geocache I put out last weekend has been found 15 times in its first week. I'm quite pleased with that! My other geocache has been out for almost 2 months and has had fewer finds. The difference is that the new one is close to downtown.