November 18th, 2007

morning coffee


On Saturday, we went out geocaching for about 3 hours. The sun was weak and low on the horizon, when it wasn't hidden by clouds, but we didn't get cold at all. Going from cache to cache, we walked through some old-money residential areas, block after block of huge old houses, all of them immaculately maintained, on streets I hadn't seen before. It's amazing, the money in this town. We found five out of the seven caches we hunted. The last one was in a park. After finding it I took the cache to a nearby picnic table to examine the contents and sign the log. A group of teenage girls approached and asked to take our picture, explaining that they were in a scavenger hunt and needed a picture of a cute couple. How could we resist a line like that? After they took the picture and drove off, we replaced the cache. Games within games.

Walking to breakfast this morning, a scruffy little man carrying several immense plastic bags filled with empty cans and bottles called out as he passed, "This is what I do while you're sleeping. And do you know why? Because I'm a bum!"

I've been reading The Enthusiasms of Robertson Davies, a collection of short essays by the Canadian author. I've never read any of his fiction, though he's on my list of authors I want to get around to reading someday. Probably the only Canadian on the list. Anyway, I took the book out of the library because I wanted to read his comments on the Gormenghast trilogy. I found he also had a chapter on John Cowper Powys. He thought highly of both, as do I. And there's lots more about book collecting, writing, love and more. I'm not reading start to finish, just jumping around to chapters that look interesting.