July 4th, 2007



Happy Independence Day, Americans!

It's also Lorna's birthday, and I'm taking her to dinner tonight at a local steakhouse, the Saltlik. They don't have a website, but it's the place with the iron horse outside, just north of the Calgary Tower.

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We hadn't been to the Saltlik before, but it went very well. The steaks were good, the service was prompt and unobtrusive, the setting was pleasant -- an old bank building, all dark wood and leather with high ceilings and a Chihuly chandelier (or a knock-off?).

Now we're going to watch a couple of episodes of Farscape. I missed this when it was shown on TV, but started watching it on DVD a few weeks ago. It ran 4 seasons, so there are something like 88 episodes plus a 4-hour miniseries (the library has the complete set). It'll take a while to get through all that, assuming we don't get bored with it somewhere along the line.