November 5th, 2006

tokay gecko

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The other day, Lorna asked me to photograph one of her geckos. I got my camera and a black foam board, and she brought out a tokay gecko that was at least a foot long. I'd never seen it before. Anyway, she plopped the creature down on the foam board, and I snapped a few quick pictures. Then I noticed blood was dripping from L's hand onto the board. The gecko had bitten her on the palm of her left hand when she caught it. I stopped the session and she bandaged her wound.

Most geckos are small enough that when they nip, it just seems cute. Their jaws are too small to inflict any injury. A larger gecko like the tokay can do real damage. And of course large reptiles like gila monsters and crocodiles can be deadly. They're all carnivorous and predatory; it's just a matter of scale.

I'd rather have a kitten for a pet. Not, however, a tiger or a leopard or...