August 9th, 2006


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We had a huge thunderstorm here tonight. It knocked the power out for about 15 minutes, and I saw lightning strike a building two blocks away (although it might have been the reflection from a strike on another building, I couldn't be sure).

Around rush hour tonight, some guy drove up on a downtown sidewalk, hitting 6 pedestrians. Several were seriously injured. This was just a couple of blocks from where I work, and right around the corner from my post office box.

I had Monday off for Heritage Day, so it has been a short work week (never short enough, of course). On the weekend, we went hiking on Nose Hill. I had hoped to find some tipi rings, but didn't. The park is huge, and there's a lot of climbing involved in getting around. The most interesting thing we saw was an old biplane flying overhead! The airport is not far from there.