February 7th, 2006

morning coffee

(no subject)

Typical morning... I woke about 30 minutes before the alarm, got up and checked email, LJ, eBay. Showered and dressed, had my cereal and OJ and vitamins. I will walk to work. I've been trying to walk briskly to and from work, rather than waiting for the LRT (light rail transit). It's good exercise, which I need. I have umpteen incomplete tasks at work. With any luck, I won't get too many new tasks during the day, and maybe I can complete a few things. At noon, I need to mail a couple of CDs I sold on eBay. Then I'll grab a sandwich and get back to work until 5 p.m. Then comes the most precious time of the day, the evening, when I can do whatever I like (usually: read, listen to some CDs, hang out with L, maybe watch a little TV, nap).