January 20th, 2006

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My passport will expire soon, so I've been looking over the application form to get a new one. As much as I understand and approve of the concept of borders and national sovereignty and the importance of security in this post-911 world, I kind of resent having to fill these things out. I'd like to be able to wander wherever I like, without having to jump through bureaucratic hoops. I'm a child of the universe, dammit! No less than the trees and the stars I have a right to be here! I doubt that the immigration officials of most countries would find that argument convincing, though, so I'd better finish my passport application unless I plan to spend the rest of my life within the borders of Canada.

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After making my last post with its tongue-in-cheek quotation from Desiderata, I searched online for the full text of the poem. It has been 30 years or more since I last read it. Back then I thought it was kind of corny, but it seems to have improved in the interim.

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