October 7th, 2005


(no subject)

I had a good week at work. I tried getting more sleep and reducing my caffeine intake. One cup of tea in the morning, no coffee. The job is stressful enough without adding teeth-grinding levels of CNS stimulants.

I've been experiencing some pain in my left heel the past few weeks. Plantar fasciitis, I think it is called. There are some exercises I can do to improve it, and I had better start doing them.

The new season of Survivor pales next to Lost, but I did find the way they were alternating scenes of Judd with scenes of the howler monkeys to be pretty hilarious.

It's Thanksgiving on Monday here in Canada, so I have a four-day weekend. If the weather looks decent on Sunday, I think I will rent a car and get out of town for the day to view the autumn leaves.