March 30th, 2005

morning coffee

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I saw O Brother, Where Art Thou? again on the weekend (parts of it at any rate, on TV) and was reminded again just how good this movie is. Great photography, acting, music and dialogue. True, a toad gets squished and a few cows get machine-gunned, but apart from that it is rather light-hearted fun. I saw the Coen brother's latest, The Ladykillers, a few weeks ago and didn't like it nearly as much. It's a remake of a 1955 film that I've seen and enjoyed a few times, so I knew exactly where the plot was going. And apart from that, the movie just didn't work, for a number of reasons that I won't go into just now.

Why does Hollywood do so many remakes? And why so many movies based on comic books? With the budgets on most of these movies, you'd think they could hire good writers to come up with something original.