March 4th, 2005

morning coffee

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I've got most everything transferred from my old Sony PDA to my new one. A few categories were lost in translation, but that is minor and can be fixed manually. I will have to look for replacements for several utilities that won't work on the new operating system, especially a font enhancement utility as the standard Sony fonts are too faint for my middle-aged eyes. The camera works fine; I haven't tried the wireless connection yet (and don't have a wireless router here anyway). The new OS replaced the Graffiti text entry system with "Graffiti2", which doesn't use quite the same stylus strokes, so I have some learning to do.

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Breakup of winter ice on the Bow River

It was another warm day here. Has winter ended? Probably not. It's more likely that Mother Nature is just resting before unleasing one final blast.

I finished setting up my new PDA, and am quite happy with it. I'll use it for a week, then put my old one on eBay. I'm going to sell those two keyboards as well, as I really have no need of them.