February 21st, 2005

morning coffee

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I have the day off work. It's Family Day in Alberta, and a typically dreary February day.

This afternoon I'm going to the museum. There's a new display I want to see. More about that when I return.

I bought a new & improved PDA on eBay last night. More about that when I get it.

I miss seeing Rob's posts show up on my list daily (usually several times a day). No doubt he is enjoying his vacation (and if you're reading this, Rob, have a great birthday tomorrow!).

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I went to the Glenbow Museum this afternoon to see an exhibition called Our River: Journey of the Bow. The Bow River flows for 400 miles from a glacier-fed lake in the Rockies, through Calgary, and eastward until it merges with the South Saskatchewan River. The exhibition had paintings, videos, historical photographs, artifacts of all kinds. It was quite interesting, and I spent a few hours there. There was some great artwork, plus odd things like a set of architectural drawings commissioned by the city of Calgary in 1914 for a design of the city (which proved too expensive to implement), old brass diving helmets used in the construction of the Glenmore Dam, Canadian Pacific posters from the 1930s urging English farmers to settle in "sunny Alberta", photos and drawings of local wildlife, antique fishing gear and much more.