October 22nd, 2004

morning coffee

Pad Thai

After reading Joy's and Jen's enthusiastic comments about this delicacy, I had to try it for myself. So tonight I went to a Thai restaurant, and after carefully reading the menu, found a Pad Thai made with shrimp and chicken. I ordered it very hot, of course. I was soon served a huge bowl of the stuff. Ladling some of it onto my plate, I dug in. It was good -- very good. I enjoyed the noodles (flavoured with fish sauce and tamarind), and the mix of vegetables, chicken and shrimp was just right. I filled my plate several times from the bowl, and by the end of the meal I was well fed but not overstuffed. The spice level actually was quite hot, even to my jaded, middle-aged palate.

I had tried looking for a Thai lunch place during the week, but although I had no problem finding Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine (as well as the usual western fare), I couldn't find any Thai places near my office.