October 16th, 2004


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It has been overcast, cool and rainy here the past few days. This afternoon it even snowed a little.

I walked around the stores for a while today, looking at men's clothes, but didn't buy anything. I've been buying quite a few shirts lately. I seem to have a thing for shirts with green in them. If my tastes change and I decide I no longer like the color green, it will wipe out half my wardrobe. I occasionally wear a green jacket and green trousers with one of those green shirts. I probably look like Robin Hood.

I stopped at a shoe store where I had, a few months ago, asked them to order me a pair of shoes. The lady looked in their order book and informed me that they hadn't been able to get the shoes I wanted. Hmmm. It would have been nice of them to call me with that information, since they had my phone number. After I got home, I went online, found the model, color and size I wanted (Rockport RWT Classic, sand nubuck, 13M) and placed an order. Even with a hefty charge for shipping from the US, they will cost 20% less than the store price.

I read a short interview with Burt Rutan, the recent winner of the X Prize, who predicts that SpaceShipOne will change the aerospace industry as much as the PC changed companies like IBM. One can only hope!