May 9th, 2004



Today we packed a picnic lunch and went hiking in Fish Creek Park. It was quiet there; only a few cyclists passed us on the trails. Beavers have built a dam across the creek since we last visited, and have felled many trees. It seems like wanton destruction; most of the trees were far from the creek. We didn't see much wildlife, only a few birds and butterflies. We could hear several woodpeckers hammering away, and one of the cyclists stopped and told us he had seen a moose nearby, but we didn't even see our usual deer. Getting hungry, we climbed a steep hill to the highest point in the park and sat on a large rock to have our lunch (hardboiled eggs, bread, salad). I didn't notice any discomfort or weakness with my ankle during the climb. It seems to be fully healed now, about 8 weeks after I sprained it. After lunch, we hiked some more along the creek under the bluff. At one point, I helped L climb up and over a log, and then she gave me her hand to help me up. We both forgot that I outweigh her by a considerable amount, and I almost pulled her back down! Not long after, we decided we had had enough for the day, and headed for home.

I particularly wanted to get out today, because the weather was near perfect, and tomorrow we are supposed to be getting -- you guessed it -- more snow. But summer will soon be here, and I am looking forward to doing more picnicking!

Mother's Day

Left to right: me, my mother, our dog Heidi, a friend of my sister's, my sister.

This picture was taken at Henderson Lake, Lethbridge in 1961.

As I get older, I realize that my mother died far too young (she was 61, not many years older than I am now). I understand better some of the problems she faced, particularly in moving from London, England to a small town on the Canadian prairies as a war bride in the 1940s. I often wish I could tell her about something that has happened in my life, or in our family, or in the world.

Happy Mother's Day to those of you who are mothers!