March 27th, 2004

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It's a beautiful, sunny Saturday here. The temperature is near freezing, but it will warm up later and I will venture outside. More than venture; I will go for a long walk!

I had a stressful work week, particularly the ending. I was in a review meeting that ran past quitting time, and when I got out of the meeting I had voice mail and email from a client with an emergency situation. Meanwhile, I had arranged to meet L after work and had no way of getting in contact with her to let her know I would be late. I guess it all worked out OK -- I was able to delegate the client's problem to someone else, and L wasn't upset about waiting, but it didn't start my weekend on a very good note.

Today I must start looking at taxes. I also need to burn some CDs for a trade. Apart from that, my time is free. A walk, some reading, perhaps go out to dinner tonight... it should be a good day.
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This afternoon I walked through the funky warehouse district of east downtown Calgary (I think some of this area is slated for demolition; I must check that out), past the Stampede Grounds and along the river. It was very windy, and unfortunately at this time of year the wind carries a lot of dust from the sand and gravel that was laid on the roads in the winter for traction.