November 30th, 2003


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I'm back from my weekend trip to Lethbridge. On the way down, we passed 3 semi-trailers that had been blown off the road and were lying on their sides, two in the ditch and one straddling a guardrail between lanes. Southern Alberta can be a little windy at times.

It was Dad's birthday on Friday, so we took him to dinner at Moxie's. That wasn't where I had planned to go, but somehow we found ourselves there. Not my favorite restaurant, but it wasn't a bad meal. After dinner, I was so exhausted from the day's activities that I had to return to the motel, where I promptly fell asleep for four hours.

On Saturday, we drove around some of Lethbridge's parks and natural areas. It was too windy to walk comfortably, but I ventured out of the car a few times. I took the picture below in Popson Park. In another park, there were signs along the trail warning of rattlesnakes. I wasn't too worried -- it was below freezing, and so windy they probably would have been blown away. Actually, I've never encountered a rattler in Lethbridge.

We had a fantastic prime rib dinner at the Keg on Saturday night, which made up for the previous night. On Sunday, my Dad was busy with his church activities, so L and I wandered back to Calgary. It was slow going at times, due to icy roads.