October 17th, 2003

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It's my day off. Last night, we went for dinner with our friend John at a nearby pub. I gave him my old computer; his teenage daughter needed one, since hers had gone on the fritz. After dinner, I helped him bundle it into the cab, and away it went. I felt a slight sentimental attachment to the thing, so it is nice that it is going to someone I know.

It's a real autumn day here; no longer Indian summer, but not yet winter. It's refreshingly cool, and there are still a few colorful leaves around.

I don't have any great plans for the weekend. I just want to relax and enjoy myself. That seems to be the theme of my life lately -- no real plan or direction. Still, things are going well. I'm healthy, I enjoy my relationship with L, I am making a good living. There are a few things I'm not happy with, but it either doesn't seem urgent that I change them, or I can't figure out how to change them. At some point circumstances will force some changes, or I will force a change in circumstances. But for now, the status quo is not half bad.
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Survivor (http://www.cbs.com/primetime/survivor7/)

Rupert is clearly the strongest, most competent person on either tribe, and by all rights should win. His problem is that at some point, he is likely to be voted off for precisely that reason.

Osten, on the other hand, appears to be the most athletic and fit, yet he comes across as inept and a whiner. Did he really get into trouble in the ocean, or was that an act? Is he trying to fly under the radar? If so, he runs the risk of being voted out for general lameness. Actually, I'm surprised he has lasted this long.