August 10th, 2003

morning coffee

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I can see that it will take me a while to get this PC set up the way I want. The book Windows XP Annoyances is coming in handy. I'm not happy with the fan noise, and will order some quieter fans today.

I installed EAC and Nero and tested ripping and burning CDs. I was surprised to find that the read and write offsets on this drive are zero! EAC extracts at 10 - 12x, which is not bad. Nero, by default, tries to normalize and to insert gaps between tracks, but it's easy enough to turn those options off.

Enough tech talk for now...

There's a red house over yonder...

Went for a walk to the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary early this afternoon. It was cool, and had been raining earlier. There were very few waterfowl in the sanctuary itself, just a few ducks, but there were hundreds of seagulls on sandbars in the Bow River, visible from one of the hiking trails. The trees were full of robins and other songbirds. The trails were quiet, apart from a few older couples equipped with spotting scopes, writing their observations in notebooks. We sat for a long time on the observation deck from which I took this photo, enjoying the stillness and solitude.