August 4th, 2003


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There is an out-of-control forest fire raging in the Crowsnest Pass area of Alberta. About 2,000 people have been evacuated from their homes (out of a total population of 7,000).

The situation is even worse in British Columbia, where there are a number of fires which have forced more evacuations -- something like 10,000 people in all. There are fires in Washington state, too.

Though Calgary is probably more than 100 miles from the nearest fire, there is a very noticeable haze in the air here.

Apparently, this is the worst fire situation and driest conditions in at least 50 years. It is sad for those people who will lose their homes and businesses. I expect it will be many years before the Crowsnest Pass (which I drove through in June on my way to B.C.) recovers from this.