July 29th, 2003


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When I was a kid, MAD magazine had a cartoon called something like "Smart-Aleck Answere To Dumb Questions". I remember one that had a housewife opening the front door for her briefcase-toting businessman husband, who was soaked to the skin from a rain shower.

"Oh, is it raining, dear?"

"No, it's HOT out and I'm SWEATING!"

I thought that was pretty funny, back when I was about 12. Still do.

It's not raining here today, but it is hot out and I'm sweating. I've been napping early in the evening when it is hottest, and then staying up late. This kind of weather makes me look forward to going to work, where my office is air-conditioned.

I've been keeping busy at work, though I have no backlog of projects. I am doing performance tuning, and cleaning up error and warning messages on some of our programs. We just hired a new sales guy, too. It will be interesting to see how that works out.

On Sunday evening, I bent over to move a chair and something in my lower back went Sproing! It hurt like hell, and is still quite uncomfortable. L is insisting I see a chiropractor, so I will.

I've been playing that Mermen show every day. Great stuff. I've ordered one of their commercial CDs, too.
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