July 10th, 2003


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My work week is over. I started the week thinking I was running out of things to do, but ended up being quite busy, though mainly with maintenance issues. After work tonight, I met L for dinner at a sidewalk bistro on a quiet tree-lined street, where I overindulged in pasta, bread and beer. Well, I'm not on the Atkins diet.

I see that Canada has fallen to #8 on a United Nations list of the best countries to live in. We were #1 for a while, before falling to #3 last year. Some Canadians get excited about this; I'm not one of them. I think Canada is a good place to live, though not necessarily the best. Our winters are too cold, and many (most? all?) of our politicians are bumblers. No doubt the same could be said for Norway, Iceland and Sweden, the top 3 countries on that UN list.
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