May 19th, 2003

morning coffee

Queen Victoria Day

We haven't had much of a spring here yet, but the weather was reasonable today -- sunny, but a little cool. I wanted to go for a walk, but L wasn't feeling well, so we stayed home and I made her a strong cup of tea (Ostfriesen Royal Blend), which perked her up considerably. Tea is good for what ails you!

I'm planning to rearrange things in my den. Mainly I'm going to move my audio gear around and replace my CD changer with a DVD player. I like the idea of being able to queue up 5 CDs, but in practice I don't often do it, and the changer is huge, much larger than a normal audio component. It also has problems reading some CD-Rs, can't play CD-RWs, and of course it has no idea about mp3. I'm hoping the move will also resolve a problem I've had with static, which I suspect is caused by the lengthy speaker wires I currently use. The room should look much better when I'm done, too.

I enjoy coming up with creative solutions, thinking about what I don't like about a current situation, thinking about my resources and limitations, and allowing those facts to simmer in the back of my mind until I have an "Aha!" moment and see a new way of doing things.

The spam problem is really getting out of hand. Recently I've had several HTML emails purporting to be from eBay and PayPal, asking for my credit card info. From the source code, it was obvious that the links weren't going to those companies. Apparently this practice is known as phishing. I don't understand why the people doing it aren't behind bars.
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