April 12th, 2003


(no subject)

I have to re-do L's taxes, as I missed something. It's a pain for me, but will save her some money. I also brought some work home this weekend, and must look at that. It absolutely has to be completed by Monday noon. I should have done both of those tasks today, but somehow couldn't find the time.

The weekends are too short. Later this month I'm going to talk to my employer about going back to a 4-day work week. I enjoyed life much more when I was on that schedule. Things are easing up at work, so I'm hopeful that I can arrange that.

Watched one of the DVDs of The Osbournes first season tonight. It was easier to understand what was going on without any bleeping, plus I had the "Ozzy translator" turned on. We both laughed out loud quite a number of times, even on this repeat viewing. There aren't a lot of special features, but the comment track was interesting.

It has been raining here all afternoon and evening -- a spring rain.