March 30th, 2003


Irish wake

So L and I took John out for dinner and drinks, and more drinks, and then when the pub brought out a live band we went somewhere else for a few more drinks. J is doing remarkably well for a man whose wife died yesterday, but then he has had 4 years to prepare for it. We poured him into a cab at the end of the night and sent him home. He will be OK. He is one of the brightest and coolest people I've ever known. L and I have known him for more than 30 years... since even before we got together.
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I felt a little blue (not to mention hungover) most of the day. The wind was howling, which didn't help, but it is calm now, and so is my mood. Heard from J today. He enjoyed our get together last night. He and his daughter are finding it hard to be in the house -- too many associations. They will be moving soon (for other reasons).

Back to work tomorrow.