February 27th, 2003



I had a busy day at work. I got an email first thing in the morning asking about the status of a project that I hadn't even started on. I completed the project in a couple of hours, before replying to the email. Then I was in a long (and rather tedious) lunch meeting. We all went down to the new cafeteria in our building to pick up something to eat, and returned to the boardroom for the meeting. I had a 3-cheese lasagna, which was surprisingly good. After the meeting, there was a high priority problem that needed my attention. I managed to get that fixed just before the end of the day.

In the evening, I listened to the Grateful Dead 2/27/69 Fillmore West. The Dark Star was the highlight of that night -- I've guess I've heard it a few hundred times since it was released on Live/Dead in late 1969 -- but the rest of the show definitely has its moments, too. Later, I watched Survivor. I'm glad Dan got voted out, and it is good that the women are starting to get their camp organized. I'm not rooting for any of these people yet, though. There's none of them that I've grown to like.