February 16th, 2003


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This morning we decided to go for brunch to the 1886 Buffalo Cafe. Since it is more than a mile away, and it was very cold, we tried walking through the Plus-15 network. I thought we might be able to stay indoors for about two blocks, but we were able to go almost the entire way indoors. There have been many new walkways built in the past couple of years, and we explored some of them for the first time today. When we arrived at the cafe, though, we had to wait in line outside for about ten minutes. It's a popular place, with great breakfasts.

On the way back home, we took pictures in mirrored columns in one of the new buildings we passed through. I posted one of the pics earlier.

Then I got a call from work, and had to go to the office for most of the afternoon. The day has passed so quickly... I'm glad tomorrow is a holiday.