September 28th, 2002


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Yesterday as I left for work, it was snowing. It was a very light snowfall, and it cleared up quickly, but it was an unpleasant foretaste of winter.

I went to the doctor yesterday and had a few minor skin blemishes lasered off. Sun damage -- must have been from when I was a kid. It was surprisingly quick and painless (except for the one he forgot to freeze!), and though I had been worried about it all week, it wasn't much worse than getting a haircut.

L is away for the day, and will be away again tomorrow. I'm missing her already. I went out to breakfast by myself, but didn't enjoy it nearly as much as when she is with me. She'll be back later this afternoon, though.

I bought myself a toy during the week, a Graphire2 graphics tablet. I haven't installed it yet, and I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with it, but it will be something to play with this weekend.
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Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

I went to the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary this afternoon. I am not a bird-watcher, and didn't even think of bringing binoculars, but I did enjoy hiking on the trails and taking in the sights. There were a fair number of ducks and geese visible, and the visitor centre had a longish list of other species that had been spotted today. I saw a large deer just a few feet from the trail. Before I could get a picture he high-tailed it deep into the brush.