September 8th, 2002


(no subject)

This afternoon I went with L to a poetry reading at a coffee shop in Kensington. Not the type of thing we would normally do, but a friend of ours was reading there. As it turned out, the PA system was very bad, and it was hard to hear anything. But we enjoyed the cappuccino and people-watching.

I relayed a message from my brother (who is in Africa) to my Dad. I guess he doesn't like paying for long distance calls, so he emails me instead, and then I pass the message on to Dad. There are lots of alternatives now for long distance, but perhaps not in the third world. L buys phone cards that allow her to call anywhere for some ridiculously low rate. I think it's 1,110 minutes for $20 Cdn.

I've been listening to that Jorma & Blue Country show I downloaded the other night. Pretty good! I've been spreading it around, too.