July 4th, 2002


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Today was L's birthday, so before going to work I gave her presents: Lush bath bombs, Chanel No. 19 perfume and Roger's chocolates. Then tonight I took her to dinner. We were planning to go to Oh! Canada, but it was closed for a private function, so we went to one of our usual haunts.

I've had a fairly gruelling couple of days at work, but today another company on our floor invited our staff for a pre-Stampede chili lunch at their office. It was quite a spread. I had several kinds of salad and three different chilies, as well as apple pie, ice cream and sliced mango. I had slept in and missed breakfast, so I had a good appetite.

Tomorrow morning is the Stampede Parade, and I only work in the afternoon. During Stampede Week, normal dress codes are relaxed and most everyone dresses in western garb. In my case, that means blue jeans and maybe a western shirt.