March 16th, 2002


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I installed my new hard drive today. For some reason, I couldn't get it to format with more than 1 partition, so I went with that. Actually, the only reason I wanted more than 1 partition was that my old drive had 3 partitions, and that was only because when I originally set it up, there were limitations imposed by the operating system... I'm making a virtue of necessity here, but I think a single partition is fine. I may change my directory structure somewhat, though. The new drive is noticeably faster and quieter than the old one, and of course it has oodles of free space.

Earlier, I went out to breakfast with L, then got a haircut. My barber is an older guy with a stooped, bent-over posture who has a small shop in an old building near here. He does a good job; I've been to other barbers who leave me looking and feeling like a plucked chicken.

It remains very cold here. The official start of spring is sometime next week; spring-like weather may take a bit longer.
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