February 17th, 2002


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The weather was exceptionally fine today -- temperature in the high 40s Fahrenheit, sunny, little wind -- so we walked to Princes Island, crossed the Bow River, walked along the river to the Louise Bridge, and then returned to town. It was amazing weather for this time of year in Alberta. There was still much ice on the river, but it is starting to break up. It felt great to be able to go for a longish walk without freezing. The picture to the right is of a group of evergreens that were bowed at the top by the weight of their mass of pinecones.

I've been updating my CD-R list today. I still have 27 discs to add to it... but who's counting? I think I'll be doing less trading and more downloading of shows now that I have DSL and am finding more FTP sites.

I tried reading a book for an hour or so last night using my new reading glasses. They make a huge difference. Without them, I have a hard time focusing on the type. Small wonder my reading has been tapering off the last few years. I must get back in the habit of reading every day.
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