Neil (nt) wrote,

On the way home from work Thursday, I saw rows of white trailers on both sides of 8th Avenue. It was for a movie shoot -- they were makeup trailers, star dressing rooms, etc. There were signs reading Hollywood Wives, which I searched for on and found to be a TV movie starring Farrah Fawcett. I didn't see any sign of Farrah, though. Just a few security guards and makeup artists lolling around and smoking.

Went for a long walk today, along the river and across the Louise Bridge into Kensington. We discovered a new trail from about 14th St. to 10th St. NW, between the bike path and the riverbank. We also bought some B.C. cherries and peaches at a fruit stand, and feasted on them when we got home.

susandennis has set up a jigsaw puzzle page, and she used a few of my photos for puzzles! L was delighted to see one of her geckos there.
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