December 21st, 2001


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I'm just an old chunk of coal
But I'm gonna be a diamond some day
I'm gonna grow and glow
'Til I'm so plu-pure perfect
I'm gonna put a smile on everybody's face

-- Billy Joe Shaver

Listening to outtakes from Johnny Cash's American Recordings, including the song above, which is the one that jumped out at me on first listen. I must get some Billy Joe Shaver CDs. I remember he had a hit called Georgia on a Fast Train some years back that I liked a lot.

I went to the bank to get some American currency today, for a little trip I will be taking shortly. $1.00 US costs about $1.60 Canadian at current exchange rates. Ouch. I can remember a time when the Canadian dollar was worth more than the US, but that was decades ago. Our dollar may not be worth much, but I do think our currency is nicer looking, or at least more colorful, than the American. Click here for the evidence. Note that the $2 bill has been withdrawn and replaced with a coin, and the $1000 has been withdrawn to combat money laundering.