December 5th, 2001


(no subject)

I'm really enjoying this Bluegrass Sessions concert I downloaded from GDLive a few weeks ago. It has Bela Fleck, Sam Bush and a bunch of other people on it. I haven't listened to much bluegrass, so I don't know if it is typical of the genre, but it is very inventive, fun, energetic and well-played. Helps to chase the blues away. The perfect antidote to a Canadian winter!

My bro, who is back in Africa, keeps emailing me dispatches about his genealogical research. I'm starting to lose track... I'll have to sit down and try and make sense of the family tree, or get him to send me a chart. Apparently we have a cousin in Australia who has been able to help him with one branch; I assume she is a cousin many times removed. I love Australia. We may visit there again next year. We may end up moving there someday. Tomorrow would be fine with me!