November 15th, 2001



At work, I spent the afternoon cleaning up old files. "Old" in this case meaning from about 5 years ago. One thing about software development that I don't like is that what I create doesn't usually last long. Perhaps there are bits of code I wrote ten or twenty years ago that are still in use, but generally the pace of technological advance is such that software is quickly replaced. Going through those files reminded me of that. It must be nice to build homes or write books that will last beyond one's life span.

Met L tonight for dinner at a local pub. She had been there for a couple of hours with our friend C, and C's daughter. We've known C for nearly 30 years. Funny how time slips away... her daughter is in her early 30s; when I last met her she was 5 or 6. She wants to swim with the whale sharks. I told her about visiting the Ningaloo Reef on the west coast of Australia, where whale sharks are often sighted.

A few CDs arrived in the mail today: Allman Brothers Band 7-26-70, Bob Marley 7-3-75 and Stevie Ray Vaughn 6-19-85. Great music!