September 1st, 2001


(no subject)

The store where we do our grocery shopping will be closing in a few months. There is no other supermarket within comfortable walking distance, so I am looking into online grocers. There are two I've found locally. Being car-free has its advantages and its disadvantages.

My nieces and nephews are growing up. One niece is married with two children, one nephew has graduated from university (engineering degree), the other nephew has graduated from high school, and the youngest niece is still in high school. It's amazing how quickly kids grow up... how quickly life passes.

I've planned an outing for Saturday. As long as the weather cooperates... I must check the weather forecast. I want to cram as much as possible into what remains of the summer. I'm glad this is a four day weekend.

Spam received this week...

"Individuals who snore have a 90% chance of daytime fatigue!"
"Reduce BRAIN-penetrating RADIATION, emitted by your cell phone."
"Is the stock market making you worried?"
"Save 50% on Premium Brand Cigarettes!"
"$5000 Diet Challenge!!!!!!!!"
"$2000 Weekly Possible Stuffing Envelopes at Home!!"