August 4th, 2001


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Places I've never been and would like to visit:
• Baja peninsula (I have been to Tijuana, but that doesn't count)
• Costa Rica
• any number of other places, under the right circumstances...

Places I've been before and would like to visit again:
• Las Vegas
• Hawaii
• Australia (esp. Queensland and Western Australia)
• England

Canadian provinces I've visited: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec.

American states I've visited: Montana, Idaho, California, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Hawaii, Florida.

Other countries I've visited: Mexico, Australia, Scotland, England.

When I say "visited", I mean I've stayed there at least a few nights. Not a terribly impressive list; I may have forgotten a few. About half these places I went with my parents as a kid, or was sent on work assignments or courses.
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Went for a walk today that turned into a visit to the zoo. On the way, beside Fort Calgary, there was a horse grazing in a corral. I went over to look at him, and he trotted over to look at me... or perhaps he thought I had some horsey treats for him. In any case, he was friendly, and I took the picture above.

We hadn't set out to go to the zoo, which is quite a distance from where we live, but after walking along the Bow River for a while, we found ourselves near the zoo, and after some hemming and hawing, decided to go in.

There were a huge number of people there, mainly families with very young children. We walked around looking at some of the animal exhibits, but spent more time in the indoor and outdoor gardens. The outdoor gardens were particularly good, much better than I remembered. Indoors, there was a section that had a huge number of butterflies, all colors and some of them the size of small birds. There was also a nocturnal exhibit with bats, desert foxes and sloths (one of which moved surprisingly quickly).

By the time we had walked back home again, I was bushed. Must have walked 8 or 10 miles. But it was a fun and memorable day.