July 27th, 2001


Kananaskis Country

Got up early yesterday morning, and went to the car rental place to pick up a vehicle (Oldsmobile Intrigue). Then headed south to the Brown Lowery Provincial Park I had read of this park in a book called Heading Out, a guide to outdoor activities in the Calgary area. The park is not well known, and a bit hard to find . There was no one else there when we arrived, and we spent a few hours hiking through it. In places the trails were almost completely overgrown. There was no sound except insects whirring past and birds calling. Saw several woodpeckers; I'd never seen one before. The area was heavily forested and it was quite cool, although by the time we left the sun was higher and it was starting to get warm. Ours was still the only car in the parking area.

Hungry, we headed south to Turner Valley, where we found a place advertising all day breakfasts. After a leisurely brunch, we kept going south. We had tentatively planned to visit the Frank Lake Conservation Area, but abandoned that idea as we went further in the wrong direction. Soon we were in Kananaskis Country.

There was virtually no traffic, so we felt free to stop whenever we saw something of interest. There were many side roads leading to picnic/camping areas, and any that sounded interesting we would turn off, and if it looked interesting, too, we would get out and walk around. Spent time this way at Highwood River, Wedge Pond, Barrier Lake and several other areas. Early in the evening, we made our last stop at a place called Sibbald Viewpoint, which overlooks a huge valley, and had a light picnic. Then we headed back to town.

I've set up an album of photos I took during the day here.