July 14th, 2001


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Indian mural

I spent a few hours with L down at the Stampede grounds this morning. First, we spent some time checking out the animals: llamas, alpacas, miniature horses and donkeys, pigs, cows, bison, and many more. Then we looked at some displays of Western art, and an international Kodak photography exhibit. There was also a wonderful Karsh exhibit, about 30 of his black and white portraits of 20th Century personalities in large format -- Churchill, Albert Schweitzer, Hemingway, JFK. I had seen most before, but there were some I hadn't, like his portrait of Joan Baez. We spent some time wandering around the grounds, watching the people and the rides. Then we headed home.

Later we went to Juan's Mexican restaurant for dinner. I had a Margarita, cream of broccoli soup, a tosdada and enchilada combo, and for dessert the Mexican cheesecake.
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