May 24th, 2001


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I've just uninstalled my anti-virus software. I've never had a virus on my home PC, and since I don't use MS Outlook (I use Agent), I think I am reasonably safe. I originally installed the software because of a weird problem with my cursor that I feared might have been caused by a virus. But I now know that it was caused by my glow-in-the-dark five-button Microsoft optical wheel mouse. I love this mouse, but occassionally it makes my cursor go nuts. It can easily be fixed by clicking on the wheel (which is the fifth button). The anti-virus software interfered with Defrag, with my CD drives (I suspect), and the last straw was when it started kicking out a message telling me to get an upgrade, but then couldn't connect to the website to obtain the upgrade. Hasta la vista, baby!
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