April 27th, 2001


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a man in need of a haircut!It was a beautiful, warm, almost cloud-free day here -- more like summer than spring. Quite a change from earlier in the week, when I was still wearing a winter coat. Today, I found a long-sleeved shirt to be a little too warm.

Lorna and I went for breakfast and had blackberry pancakes and coffee.

Later, we took a walk by the Bow River. Leaves are just starting to emerge from their buds. Within a week or so, it should be much greener here.

I got a haircut and had my beard trimmed. The photo was taken before that...

I bought a new Rolling Stones CD, Stripped. When I say new, I mean that it was released sometime in the past twenty years, and I haven't heard it before. Anyway, it is kind of an "unplugged" deal, with them performing some older material, mainly acoustic numbers. I'm enjoying it a lot.

I'm going to do a little reading tonight...
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