April 18th, 2001


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Over my lunch hour, I mailed my taxes (not due until April 30), and bought an ASUS 50x CD-ROM drive. I'll install it on the weekend. I'm hoping that it will read CDs more reliably than my CD writer, which frequently freezes my PC while reading.

I took some pics on the way in to work. If any look good, I may post them tonight.

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Photos taken this morning:

• the first of ten six-storey metal "trees" being constructed on Stephen Avenue

metal tree

• waiting for the C-train (the transit strike ended on the weekend)

light rail transit

• my office, where I spend entirely too much time

my office

I received an amended tax information slip in my post office box tonight (after having mailed my taxes earlier today). It was a significant amendment; I should get back about a month's salary. Between that and the stock market rally, I'm feeling rather pleased.

It was a beautiful spring day here, and the weatherman says it should stay almost as nice through the weekend.