March 30th, 2001


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I had a dream last night that I received a colorful brochure advertising giant pink bunny robots. I suppose this was for Easter. There were some interesting optional attachments available for the more kinky Easter celebrants.

Actual junk mail received this week: Read this or go broke!! {advertising an investment newsletter). Read this or die!! (advertising some health-related newsletter). Very subtle. I didn't read either of them, so if I go broke and die, you'll know what happened.

Musical notes

Best relatively unknown American band: Moby Grape (Sittin' by the Window; Omaha; It's a Beautiful Day Today; Hey Grandma)

Best relatively unknown Canadian band: The Pursuit of Happiness (I'm An Adult Now; Hard to Laugh; Cigarette Dangles).

Best relatively unknown French-Canadian artist: Michel Pagliaro (Rainshower; Some Sing, Some Dance)

Guilty pleasures: The Cult (She Sells Sanctuary; Wildflower; Love Removal Machine); Ratt (Round and Round).

Favorite jazz artist: Miles Davis

Favorite classical music: Bruckner's Ninth Symphony; Prokofiev's Second Piano Concerto

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Just updated my CD-R list. Now I've got some Dylan on there. Actually, I've had this show for a couple of months, but never got around to listening to it. It's quite good.
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