February 25th, 2001


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My Dad is visiting my brother, who lives in Costa Rica. I've never been there, but would like to go sometime -- like now! It is cold here. The top story in the local news is about a one year old girl who wandered outside and nearly froze to death. It looks like she will survive. UPDATE: the little girl is going to be OK, even though doctors believe her heart may have been stopped for up to two hours.

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From Name Street USA:


~ meaning ~

~ motivation ~
Strives for independence

~ character ~
Respectful of others

~ feelings ~
Is compassionate

~ intelligence ~
Comprehends things well

~ spiritual ~
Knows the path to take

~ nature ~
You are noted for your generosity

~ inherent ~
A natural and unaffected person

I take this kind of thing with a grain of salt, but it is interesting that a couple of these are quite close to what I posted under Unifying Principles a few weeks back.

I've found a couple of LJ communities: whitelight for digital photography, and digiart for digital art. There's also junkart, which seems to get a lot of the same posts as digiart, plus poetry and the like. I think I'll monitor them for a while.
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