Neil (nt) wrote,

I rented a Chevy Impala on Friday morning and drove to Lethbridge without stopping. Dad had received a last-minute offer to move into the seniors lodge by the end of the month. About a week earlier, he had been told that he might be able to get in "before the end of summer". I don't know what had changed. By the time we arrived, the moving had already been done by some of Dad's church people, so we (me, L, my sister and brother-in-law) helped store and arrange things, hang pictures, etc. His suite is a bed-sitting room with full bath. It isn't large, but should be adequate. Meals are provided in the dining room, there is a laundry on his floor, and staff clean the suites and change linen and towels.

He has aged in the 3 or 4 months since we last saw him, and appears to have lost some weight. We will be going down there again in a month or so, and I am hopeful that he will look better then, after he's had a chance to settle in and has been eating regularly. I'm not sure how he feels about the move. He seems happy enough, but it is a major change and he is giving up some of his independence. When we left he seemed almost on the verge of tears, but then one of the dear old lady residents started a conversation with him. I think he will be OK.

While I was in town, I went to the library and did some genealogical research, looking up obituaries in back issues of the Lethbridge Herald (on microfilm). It was odd looking through the 70-year-old newspapers. It was much the same kind of news that gets printed today. I guess human nature doesn't change. Although we have cooler toys now.

On the way back to Calgary, we stopped at the Carmangay tipi rings. I had wanted to do this the past few trips, but had missed the turnoff. The tipi rings weren't as impressive as the ones we found near Drumheller last summer. Some of them had been disturbed, and it was hard to tell that they had been rings.

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